How we can help you

Do you carry the responsibility of running a company, a community organization or a project? Without doubt you are fully committed to work hard for the benefit of the owners, community members, or other stakeholders. But you may not have sufficient time, resources or experience to understand what needs to be done to comply with all requirements, and how to do it.

BT Compliance can assist you with identifying the requirements that matter most to your organization. We will look at your organization’s strong and weak points, and guide you towards resolving any issue. By ensuring all paperwork is in order, the risk of unnecessary rework, claims, penalties and waste can be reduced, thus saving you from losing time, money or reputation.

We offer lump sum packages (1-2-4 days, or flexible), as well as short term casual employment options.

Remember: investing time and resources in compliance now will be a worthwhile decision.

Great benefits

All organizations have to comply with certain internal and external requirements. Because compliance doesn’t just happen, some helpful systems have been developed in past years that address these issues.

Our assessment will guide you towards such systems and the know-how that has already been used successfully by other organizations.

Our advisory services include:

Governance & risk

Building Code & permits